Rich Dase, Republican candidate for Atlantic County Board of Freeholders in District 4, said today that county and local governments ?should step up and expand their efforts toward sharing services and joint purchasing to help reduce local property taxes.?

Dase, a member of the Galloway Township Council, said, as Freeholder, he would convene a county-municipal government summit ?to exchange ideas and suggestions to bring about greater cooperation in providing services and purchasing goods and services.?

?I am convinced there are considerable savings to be had — savings which can be passed along to the taxpayer,? Dase said. ?Local governments would retain their autonomy but would be urged to consider joining others in joint purchases and negotiate more favorable costs.?

?At the same time, serious discussions should be held to determine if sharing some government services is feasible,? Dase said. ?It is time to tap the creativity of people in public office to develop innovative methods to save money. ?

Dase said that efforts to control and reduce property taxes ?are without question the paramount issues? facing government.

?Those of us serving in government and those who wish to enter public service have an obligation to place the taxpayers first,? he said. ?And, that means being open to ideas involving shared services and purchases.?

Dase said the summit meeting he has proposed ?would encompass all aspects of government activity and nothing would be off limits in the discussions. Naturally, the local governing body will remain the final authority is deciding whether they wish to participate in any shared venture.?

?I?m confident there will be ideas which can be more fully developed which will be effective in saving money, while others may prove to be unworkable,? he said. ?We owe it to the taxpayers to try.?


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