Rich Dase, Republican candidate for Atlantic County Freeholder in District 4, today charged his opponent with ?supporting additional residential development in Galloway Township that the community can neither absorb nor afford and that will inevitably result in higher property taxes.?

Dase said his opponent, Democrat Jill Foley, expressed her support for eliminating the ability of communities like Galloway to shift their affordable housing obligation to another municipality ?thus forcing Galloway and its taxpayers to accept even greater development beyond that already imposed on it by its growth zone designation.?

?Galloway has been struggling to maintain essential municipal and school district services in the face of the development forced upon it by the Pinelands Comprehensive Management Plan,? Dase said. ?Now, Foley wants to force the community into accepting an even greater housing burden by repealing the state law which permits one municipality to pay another to assume its affordable housing obligation.?

?She has joined forces with Assemblyman Jim Whelan in attempting to force Galloway to take on the added development,? Dase said. ?It?s the same Jim Whelan, incidentally, who, as mayor of Atlantic City, said he wanted to reduce housing density in the City. Why his change of heart??

Dase said Foley ?is completely out of touch with the concerns of Galloway residents and seems unable to understand that the affordable housing development she supports will add immensely to the strain on local government budgets, translating into property tax increases.?

?The other growth communities of Egg Harbor and Hamilton townships face the same issues,? Dase said. ?All of us have suffered under the burden of state-imposed growth without any assistance from the state in meeting the additional costs such growth creates.?

?By her support for additional residential development, Foley wants to throw an even greater financial burden onto the backs of local taxpayers,? Dase said. ?She owes the community an explanation.?

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