Atlantic County Democrat Chairman Pat D’Arcy’s comment about how women should support his party?s nominees for the Assembly simply because ?they?re good-looking men,? continues to draw fire from women throughout New Jersey. This time from Assemblywoman Allison McHose (R-Sussex) who released the following statement earlier today:

“Maybe Mr. D’Acy’s flip comment was the best thing he could come up with to say about his Assembly candidates. Instead of explaining what his candidates would do about tax increases that are hitting women-headed households and businesses as much as everyone else?s, he basically says that all his Assembly candidates need to offer women voters are nice smiles and neat haircuts.

?As this campaign goes forward, I think Mr. D’Arcy and his candidates will learn that women voters actually do have considered opinions about issues like the economy, education, and health care. Mr. D’Arcy’s candidates will find that women and families throughout Atlantic County know that Assemblymen John Amodeo and Vince Polistina have been effective for them in the Legislature.”


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