Challenge opponents to stand up to Corzine and corrupt
North Jersey party bosses instead of passing the buck.

Freeholders Jim Curcio, Frank Giordano and Second District Freeholder candidate Frank Formica say their opponents must first explain why Kessler Memorial Hospital was denied state funding before abdicating the responsibility to Washington.

The Democrat Freeholder candidates just recently called for federal legislators to include Kessler Hospital in the health care reform debate. Their plea for federal help ignores the fact that state officials had a chance to save Kessler here at home.

?Frank Giordano and I worked tirelessly to try to save Kessler Hospital and repeatedly called on Governor Corzine to re-allocate funds from the $44 million dollar aid package to keep Kessler Hospital afloat,? said Curcio. ?It?s completely unconscionable that Corzine failed to act to save Kessler and allowed politics to play a role.?

Curcio noted that nearly 98% of the emergency money earmarked for community hospitals went to five North Jersey cities that provide a support base for Corzine?s re-election effort.

?Kessler Memorial Hospital was the largest employer in Hammonton and those employees were sacrificed so other politically connected hospitals could benefit,? said Giordano. ?Now, our opponents are running for office and they?ve conveniently decided to charge Washington with the responsibility of rescuing Kessler ? clearly sidestepping the source of accountability.?

Curcio, Giordano and Formica challenged their opponents to step out from the shadow of Governor Corzine and truthfully address the process in which state funds are doled out as political favors.

?The Democrat Freeholder candidates are ?in the tank? for Jon Corzine and will only protect the status quo, which rewards North Jersey political power brokers at the expense of South Jersey residents,? said Formica. ?Our opponents have a clear choice: will they demonstrate independent thinking and a willingness to challenge the system, or will they be just another group of special-interest controlled politicians who delegate their responsibilities elsewhere??

?Atlantic County taxpayers beware,? said Giordano. ?Our opponents are hiding the truth about Kessler, and now we know why ? they?re afraid to upset the political bosses who apparently run their campaign and will run county government if they win in November.?


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