Senator Jim Whelan?s participation in a discussion on civility in campaigns at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey today drew laughs from Atlantic County Republican Chairman Keith Davis.

?Senator Whelan?s participation in a program which deplores negative campaigning is absolutely preposterous,? said Davis. ?With his friend Senator Jeff Van Drew, Whelan spent $4 million last year on opposition research and negative campaigning on very expensive Philadelphia television.

?With that kind of money coming from his Democrat cronies, its no wonder Whelan recently said he was opposed to legislative efforts to curtail the wheeling of campaign contributions between political bosses ? he?s living high on the hog with the current corrupt system.

?The fact is Senator Whelan has mastered the art of negative campaigning. He?s an expert at it,? said Davis. ?Whelan showed his proficiency at mudslinging in 2005 when he spent millions on a character assassination campaign against former Assemblyman Kirk Conover, which included a 9-page hit piece mailer, entitled ?The Case Against Kirk Conover?. Whelan?s campaign against Conover was one of the worst and most despicable in Atlantic County history. And it was certainly negative.?

?Now, suddenly, Senator Whelan has seen the light and realized that negative campaigning isn?t the way to go?? Davis asked. ?It?s a little late for Senator Whelan to be playing ?Mr. Nice Guy? with all the dirty, negative campaigns he?s left behind.?



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