County Clerk Candidate Verno Calls on her Opponent to Debate Her

With the Second legislative district debate taking place last evening,the County Clerk Candidate today called upon her opponent, Ed McGettigan, to agree to a debate at a time and place of his choosing.

?Both my opponent and I appeared on a local radio show this morning to discuss the importance of protecting the right to vote,? said Verno. ?I made a firm commitment to debating my opponent anywhere at any time. When my opponent was called upon to do the same, the silence was deafening.

?We now know that the County Clerk?s Office has no procedures for dealing with messenger ballots and instead choose to blame others for their own mistakes,? said Verno. ?My opponent?s own deputy clerk admitted as much under oath in Superior Court. With one questionable election after another, it?s time to bring these questionable election practices to an end.?

Rather than go back and forth on the subject, Verno called on her opponent to man up and agree to debate her on the issues, so the candidates could question each other about McGettigan?s dismal performance in the clerk?s office over the past five years.

?I?m committed to restoring honesty and integrity in the Clerk?s Office,? said Verno. ?Protecting the integrity of the election system will be my first priority. Let?s have a debate so we can learn my opponent?s position.?

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