Freeholder Jim Curcio and the Republican members of the Atlantic County Freeholder Board today called on Governor Jon Corzine to abandon his disastrous economic and budget policies that are hurting Atlantic County working families as he visited the county today to swear in newly elected officials.

?Jon Corzine?s record as Governor is clear: higher taxes, record spending, skyrocketing debt, and failed economic policies,? said Freeholder Jim Curcio.

Freeholder Rich Dase reminded those in attendance that, ?Corzine shut down Atlantic City?s casinos and recently signed legislation imposing a new 2.5% development fee on new business creation in the state, both of which have had a devastating effect on Atlantic County?s economy and our ability to create jobs.?

?Corzine?s administration has increased taxes, and debt has more than doubled by $18 billion on his watch,? said Freeholder Frank Sutton. ?Atlantic County, under the leadership of County Executive Levinson and this Freeholder Board, has slashed the county tax rate by more than 45% to the lowest level on record and our debt has been held in check.?

?The stark contrast between the disastrous economic policies of Jon Corzine and the fiscally responsible, tax cutting policies of Atlantic County Government was the reason why I left the party of Jon Corzine and joined the party of Dennis Levinson,? Freeholder-at-Large Frank Giordano added.

Freeholders Tom Russo and Joe McDevitt bolstered their colleagues concerns by expressing their dissatisfaction with Corzine?s recent toll hikes which will negatively impact regional tourism: ?At a time when the Atlantic City Casinos are laying off thousands of Atlantic County workers, Corzine?s 50% toll increase on the Parkway and Expressway have amounted to nothing more than a killer tax on tourism which makes it even harder for casinos to compete with neighboring states.?

The Freeholders joined in calling on Governor Corzine to stop increasing the taxes and tolls that are killing jobs and instead force the state to live within its means:

?Atlantic County?s working families are cutting back on their spending in the worst economic slowdown in decades, yet Governor Jon Corzine continues to spend and spend and spend. Taxpayers are paying the price and jobs are being lost. We call on Governor Corzine to stop harming our economy and take a page from Atlantic County Government in this year?s state budget — be fiscally responsible, make New Jersey more affordable, and create new jobs.?


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