Corzine?s Latest Betrayal of Casino Employees

–Governor Pays Lip Service To Casino Employees, But His Actions Tell A Different Story ?

Egg Harbor Township, NJ ? Atlantic County Republican Chairman Keith Davis today criticized Governor Jon Corzine for his latest betrayal of those who work in Atlantic City?s casinos. Davis pointed specifically to Corzine?s decision to hold the Democratic State Convention gathering at Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino next weekend.

?The Governor says he supports the people who make Atlantic City?s casinos great, the employees. But his decision to hold his convention at a casino that has refused to recognize a vote by the dealers to join a union is a slap in the face to those workers and to organized labor,? said Davis.

?This isn?t the first example of his two-faced betrayal of the casino workers, though. Last week, Corzine went to Bally?s to attend a Union County Teamsters Shop Stewards Conference, even though workers there are holding marches and protesting that they do not have a ?fair contract?. Corzine?s pattern of paying lip service to the casino workers while crossing their picket lines supports those who refuse to recognize the rights of workers to enter into collective bargaining units is really offensive,? Davis continued.

?Of course, Jon Corzine is the master of saying one thing and doing another. He told us he?d cut taxes and provide a 40% increase in property tax rebates and instead he raised tax after tax and cut rebates. He said he?d create 70,000 jobs a year and instead, we have the highest unemployment rate in the entire northeast and he threw casino workers out of work when he shut down the government three years ago,? added Davis.

?Jon Corzine is no friend to the men and women who work in the casino industry. He?ll come to your rallies and promise you the world, but when it comes time to put his money where his mouth his, he?ll cross a picket line or give his business to a casino that refuses to recognize a union,? concluded Davis.

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