Corzine & Whelan Sell Out SJ Over Toll Road Deal

Keith Davis, Atlantic County Republican Chairman, today criticized Governor Jon Corzine and State Senator Jim Whelan for placing more of the toll hike burden on South Jersey drivers and called for the exemption of the Atlantic City Expressway from the Governor?s plan.

?Corzine?s toll hike plan is a bad deal getting worse,? said Davis. ?One moment after saying all of New Jersey needs to share in the burden, he is considering exempting a major North Jersey road from the toll hike, which means South Jersey once again has to pick up the tab.?

Corzine has shown a willingness to exempt Route 440, which runs from Route 278 through Middlesex County to Perth Amboy, from the toll increase. Corzine is considering this change after critical remarks from a politically connected Democrat Senator from Union County, Ray Lesniak.

?Less than a month in office and Jim Whelan has failed us,? said Davis. ?When Trenton is about to ram a bad policy down out throats, our senator is supposed to stick up for us and our region?s economy.?

Davis pointed out that Atlantic City?s casinos posted a 5.7% loss in revenue in 2007, mostly due to competition from casino in Pennsylvania.

?Seeing that Corzine?s tool hike would make it more expensive for people to visit Atlantic City and more likely to patronize slot parlors in Pennsylvania should have immediately prodded Whelan into action and fight to have the Expressway exempt from Corzine?s toll hike plan,? said Davis. ?While Whelan sits silently, North Jersey gets all the concessions and South Jersey loses out.?


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