Guests at Atlantic City casinos and hotels will now be able to place bets while waiting for dinner, relaxing in a lounge, or by the swimming pool as legislation, sponsored by Assemblymen John Amodeo and Chris A. Brown, that permits casinos to offer electronic versions of their games to be played on mobile wireless devices while on casino property, was signed into law today by Governor Christie.

?There are so many enjoyable things to do at Atlantic City?s casinos and hotels. We offer better scenery, better accommodations, better restaurants, and now, better gaming options, like hand held betting which will allow guests to take their games along with them,? said Amodeo, R-Atlantic. ?This new law is another step towards setting Atlantic City apart from other destinations.?

?iGaming is a natural part of the progression of revitalizing Atlantic City into a world destination resort. To keep Atlantic City competitive, we need to make sure we keep up with reality and technology and this new law accomplishes that,? stated Brown, R-Atlantic. ?People like getting entertainment from mobile devices. Our measure gets government out of the way so casinos can provide guests with the type of fun they want.?

Amodeo and Brown, noting that Nevada has offered this service since 2005, said the bill, A-2575/S-1323, moves Atlantic City casinos and hotels into the 21st century.


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