In a new television ad, Chris fights back against Jon Corzine’s despicable attempt to scare female voters by lying about Chris’ position on mammogram screenings. The Governor continues to blatantly lie about Chris’ healthcare plan in a way that “skews the truth so much that it does a disservice.” (Editorial, “A battle over coverage for mammograms,” Daily Record, 08/13/09)

Chris Christie supports mammogram screenings for women; it is as simple as that. Chris understands this issue all too well. In his mother’s battle with with breast cancer, a mammogram saved her life. Watch the TV Ad now.

Chris stands with families who are struggling everyday to make ends meet and pay the bills. He believes we should be focusing on lowering costs, expanding access and increasing health care options, so every family in New Jersey can have affordable insurance. And nothing – nothing – in Chris’ health insurance plan would take away coverage for mammograms from women.

New York Times: “Mr. Christie speaks not of cutting health coverage, or mammograms, as the ad suggests, but of giving people the option of choosing no-frills, mandate-free and, presumably, much cheaper insurance if they want it. Singling out mammograms — one such mandate — is an attempt to poison Mr. Christie with women.” (David Halbfinger, “In Bid For Re-Election, New Jersey’s Governor Plays To Party Faithful,” New York Times, 06/08/09)

Here are the facts about the Christie-Guadagno plan:

* The Christie-Guadagno Plan Will Lower Health Care Costs By Increasing Competition Among Health Insurance Companies While Providing More Coverage Policy Options

* Chris’ Plan Will Increase Options To Affordable Care Through Out-of-State Insurance Policies. The Christie Administration will allow New Jersey small businesses to purchase health insurance policies from out-of-state insurance companies that offer better rates, or better coverage. More competition and more consumer choice will lower costs.

* Chris Will Give Uninsured New Jerseyans the Ability to Afford Health Insurance by Increasing the Number of Affordable Options. Insurance companies will be permitted to offer “mandate-free” policies to the uninsured. These policies might better fit the needs of certain consumers, such as young, single consumers, who are currently uninsured.

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