Energy as Industry: Manufacturing Solar and Wind into Jobs

Yesterday, Chris Christie announced his Energy as Industry: Manufacturing Solar and Wind into Jobs Plan. Renewable energy is the future and there isn’t a better time than now to change not just the way we look at energy consumption, but the way we look at what drives our economy.

Through manufacturing renewable energy, countries around the world have had amazing success in increasing efficiency while stimulating the economy and growing jobs. In 2007, 12% of electricity in Germany came from renewable energy and in that same year, energy jobs shot up to 249,300.

We have the chance to not only protect our state’s natural resources, but the chance to create the jobs and industry we need right here in New Jersey.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch Chris’s Energy as Industry announcement video, take a minute and watch it here

Green Bloggers and Media Agree…
Christie’s Energy as Industry Plan is “Compelling”

“Despite your political affiliation, we may agree that ‘Energy as Industry’ is compelling in today’s economic and environmental climate.” (Build Baby, 07/07/09)

“Christie calls for NJ to go greener” (Geoff Mulvihill, “GOP’s Christie class for NJ to go greener, Associated Press, 07/07/09)

“Christopher J. Christie, the republican candidate in the New jersey gubernatorial race, has put forth a campaign platform that promises to boost the Garden State’s standing as a leader in the renewable energy sector.” (Alternative Energy Retailer, “N.J. Gubernatorial Candidate Plays The Renewables Card,” 07/07/09)

“It is a refreshing change to have a Republican gubernatorial candidate supporting contemporary environmental goals.” (Fred Snowflack, “The Greening of Chris Christie,” Daily, 07/06/09)

“Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie unveiled his ‘Energy as Industry Plan’ today. But Christie didn’t hold a traditional press conference. He disseminated his platform online through new media – Twitter, Facebook and Youtube – and on his campaign web site.” (Melissa Hayes, “Christie unveils green energy plan,”, 07/06/09)


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