New Jersey Republican State Committee Chairman Jay Webber today issued the following statement concerning the rise in New Jersey unemployment to 9.7%:

“The latest report on unemployment, which shows that the number of unemployed New Jerseyans is almost 10%, serves as a stark reminder of the failed leadership of Governor Corzine. Having spent four years increasing taxes, stifling growth, and driving businesses out of our state, the Governor now tries to shift the blame for his failures onto anyone but himself. Governor Corzine needs to take responsibility for the highest unemployment in 32 years, and the pain he has caused millions of New Jerseyans.

“Also in the report is the stunning revelation that Governor Corzine’s August claim that over 13,000 private sector jobs were created in July was a complete fabrication. The Department of Labor now concedes that less than half that number actually was added, which raises serious questions about the veracity of the administration’s August numbers released today. Governor Corzine and Commissioner Socolow must explain why their claims of last month, which came at a time when the Governor’s campaign was hemorrhaging badly, were so wildly skewed to the benefit of the Governor and his re-election campaign.”


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