With the announcement that Casino Control Commissioner Michael Fedorko will step down from the Casino Control Commission at the expiration of his term in August, Assemblymen John Amodeo and Vince Polistina say now is a perfect opportunity to reduce the size of the commission from five members to three.

?The current budget crisis is a result of having a government so big that we can?t afford it,? said Amodeo. ?There is no reason why we need five commissioners when three will suffice.?

Amodeo and Polistina are drafting legislation which will permanently reduce the Casino Control Commission?s (CCC) membership by two. In the meantime, the Assemblymen would like Governor Corzine not to appoint replacements for the current vacancy (which had been held by Ralph Frulio, whose term expired in 2008) and the anticipated vacancy of Fedorko?s seat.

?Instead of asking middle class families or businesses to sacrifice again, we think it?s time for government to share the pain,? said Polistina, pointing out that although the CCC is funded through fees on the casino industry, the money for salaries and benefits is better spent on items to keep Atlantic City?s casinos competitive.

?Over-regulation simply weighs down the industry,? said Polistina. ?The regulatory costs are much cheaper in other states. Reducing the number of commissioners is a step in making Atlantic City an attractive and cost effective location for casinos.?


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