Callaway Gang Still Rooted in Democrat Machine


Atlantic County Republican Chairman Keith Davis dismissed the Atlantic County Democrats? latest attempt to distance themselves from convicted felon Craig Callaway and his gang.

?Let me see if I have this straight,? said Davis. ?Craig Callaway supported Jayson Adams for school board in Pleasantville. Democrat boss Ron Ruff overrules his own party and denies Jayson Adams the party line in his bid to be a freeholder. Well Craig Callaway supported Jim Whelan for the Assembly too. So how can Ron Ruff endorse Whelan for State Senate, since he?s also a Callaway disciple? ?

In 2005, the Atlantic County Democrat Committee paid members of the Callaway gang at least $34,877 in weekly pay checks to get votes for Jim Whelan. Also, the Atlantic County Democratic Committee sent $42,472 to the Callaway?s organization that year, with Jim Whelan being a primary beneficiary of the money.

?The same convention that endorsed Jayson Adams for freeholder is the same convention that picked Jim Whelan to run for State Senate,? said Davis. ?At its core, Jim Whelan?s Atlantic County Democrat Party is controlled by the Callaway gang.?

?When it came time for Jim Whelan and Ron Ruff to demonstrate they wanted to stop corruption and clean up their act by refusing to reappoint Bernice ?Sandy? Couch to the Board of Elections, they failed completely,? said Davis. ?Instead, they opted to play ball with Callaway and put one of his paid campaign workers on the Board of Elections to count absentee ballots.

?Jim Whelan may be running on the Reform Team, but his record shows he?s been running away from true reform,? said Davis.

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