Saying that it is time to draw a line in the sand, Assemblyman Chris Brown recently testified at a hearing against a proposed casino in the Meadowlands.

?Putting a casino in the Meadowlands is like putting a $1000 saddle on a $10 race horse. It?s simply too high of a price for the State to pay for a horse that isn?t going anywhere,? Brown said.

?There are certain special interests in this state that have been pushing the idea of allowing gaming at Meadowlands Racetrack for nearly ten years. First ,it was video lottery terminals. Then it was slot machines. Now they want a casino. Enough,? Brown said. ?Study after study shows that allowing gaming anywhere outside of Atlantic City will harm the entire state.?

Brown noted that a Meadowlands casino will steal 45% of the revenue that is generated from existing Atlantic City customers, resulting in a net loss of revenue to the state of over a half of a billion dollars. Moreover, programs for seniors and the disabled, like PAAD and Meals on Wheels, would lose $45 million per year, nearly a quarter of the current revenue stream. Also, 3,800 people will be out of work, and with them $190 million in payroll will vanish.?

Despite the proliferation of small casinos in neighboring states, Brown said, ?A casino in the Meadowlands will not tip the competitive balance in New Jersey?s favor; it will only undercut efforts already underway to re-assert ourselves in the market.

?A resort destination business model backed by consistent state policy is a proven and durable economic engine for the entire state. We should not change that,? Brown said.

Click here to read Assemblyman Brown’s Testimony.


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