Bettis to Run for First District Freeholder as a Republican

April 2, 2007

Citing the growing tolerance of incompetence and corruption within the Democrat Party, John Bettis today declared that he will run for the First District Atlantic County Freeholder seat as a Republican. Mr. Bettis has been a Democrat for ten years but today declared himself to be a Republican.

?Public leaders should unite various individuals and groups for common purpose. Public leaders should advance solutions for the men, women, and children they represent. Public leaders should sacrifice so others can get ahead,? said Bettis. ?There are too many members of the Democrat Party who serve themselves before they service the public good. I am running for freeholder to offer a choice for the residents of the First Freeholder District and to bolt the door against Camden and the corruption we have seen permeate throughout Atlantic City and elsewhere in Democrat politics.?

Atlantic County Republican Chairman Keith Davis welcomed Mr. Bettis to the party and to the ticket.
?John Bettis is a community leader,? said Davis. ?As an air force veteran, teacher, member of the United Way, Boy Scouts, Chamber of Commerce and the NAACP, John has led by putting other people first. We are very proud to have him in our party. We also believe he can win a seat and a constituency the Democrats have taken for granted for years.?

Bettis empahisized that he has plenty of experience with economic development and job training, areas which are always a priority in Atlantic County. However, Bettis added that corruption has to be addressed first.

?That is what makes government corruption so insidious, it steals resources and attention from other problems that need to be solved,? said Bettis. ?I know there are better uses for government resources other than to support the personal agendas of public officials.

?As a freeholder, I will work to bring sensible economic development to our county. I will use my expertise to promote our county. I will work hard to create jobs in our area. And I will do so by setting a good example as a public official,? said Bettis.

Bettis lives in Pleasantville with his wife Doni. Bettis previously worked as Municipal Administrator of Pleasantville and served as the President of the Atlantic Cape May Private Industry Council.

The First District Includes Wards 1-4 in Atlantic City, all of Pleasantville, and Districts 13 -16 in Egg Harbor Township.

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