In the aftermath of yesterday?s ruling from the Appellate Division, upholding the state?s pay-to-play law, County Freeholder Frank Sutton and Freeholder candidates Tom Ballistreri and Manny Aponte praised the recently enacted Atlantic County pay-to-play ordinance as the toughest in the state and called on their opponents to live up to its requirements.

?I am very pleased that the Appellate Division has upheld the state pay-to-play ordinance and hope that bodes well for enforcement of our tough county pay-to-play ordinance, implemented under the leadership of County Executive Dennis Levinson,? said Folsom Mayor and Freeholder candidate Tom Ballistreri. ?Our county?s law should be a model for every other county in the state to ensure open and honest government.?

?We plan on running our campaign with local, grassroots support,? said Manny Aponte of Egg Harbor Township. ?But we have real concerns about the Democrats? past financial support from the Camden County political bosses and whether that money will be wheeled in to our county yet again this year.?

?We have a tough anti-wheeling provision in our county pay-to-play ordinance that I strongly supported when it was approved by the Freeholder Board,? said Freeholder Frank Sutton. ?We?ll be watching our opponents to make sure they live up to this new law so we can continue to deliver solid county government that serves the people of Atlantic County ? not the special interests who make campaign contributions.?


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