BALLES: We Can?t Waste Four More Years on Whelan ? State Needs to Take Over Code Enforcement Now

Atlantic County Sheriff and Senate Candidate Frank Balles today renewed a call he made at the outset of his campaign to have the state take over code enforcement in the City of Atlantic City.

?When I announced my campaign last winter, I said the first thing I would do as Senator is introduce legislation to give CRDA code enforcement power in Atlantic City,? said Balles. ?Now Governor Christie agrees that there needs to be a greater state role in the functioning of Atlantic City. But Senator Jim Whelan continues to oppose it, saying in the Press today that ?he?d rather see code enforcement left to the city but favors instating regulations to control noise levels at outdoor beach bars ? a frequent complaint of city residents.?

?Atlantic City is facing its biggest challenges and Senator Whelan wants to keep code enforcement under the control of his Democrat friends in Atlantic City?? asked Balles. ?And Whelan?s biggest worry is noisy beach bars?

?It?s clear that after 30 years in public office, Senator Whelan is out of touch with what needs to happen in Atlantic City,? said Balles. ?I stand with Governor Christie on a greater role for the state in Atlantic City. Senator Whelan?s comments today demonstrate that his is opposed to Governor Christie?s plans for greater control.

?These out of touch comments by Senator Whelan demonstrate that he is more concerned with protecting his friends and less concerned with cleaning up Atlantic City. They also demonstrate that Senator Whelan?s claims about working with Governor Christie are patently untrue,? said Balles. ?We can?t afford to waste the next four years on a continuation of Senator Whelan?s failed policies that are at odds with Governor Christie?s reform agenda. It?s time for real leadership.?


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