Frank Balles, Republican candidate for Atlantic County Sheriff, said today, as Sheriff, he will move immediately to reinstate supplemental patrols by Sheriff?s officers throughout the county.

The issue was brought into sharp focus when a number of municipalities in the western portion of the county received bills from the state, seeking hundreds of thousands of dollars in payment for State Police patrols in their communities.

?Sheriff Jim McGettigan says he wants to study the problem before taking any action,? Balles said. ?He wants to study it; I want to solve it.?

Balles, a captain in the Pleasantville Police Department, said ?effective administration and management of the sheriff?s office — qualities badly lacking under the incumbent — will allow a redeployment of personnel who can be assigned to supplemental patrol duties.?

?While the issue is of particular relevance in western Atlantic County, every municipality and their taxpayers should be able to benefit from the supplemental patrols,? Balles said.

He said that McGettigan?s consistent response has been to ask for a study, but he has never in his tenure in office undertaken one.

?When public officials are incapable of dealing with a problem or wish to ignore it, their reaction is to put it off by calling for a study,? Balles said. ?McGettigan has taken refuge behind that argument his entire time in office.?

Balles said his experience in holding command and management positions in Pleasantville has given him ?the insight and ability to deal effectively with utilizing personnel in the most effective and efficient way possible.?

?New and innovative techniques and taking full advantage of technological advances are crucial elements in law enforcement,? he said. ?Suggesting studies instead of taking action — as McGettigan has done repeatedly — fails the people and the taxpayers.?


Paid for by Balles for Sheriff, Bob Polt, Treasurer.

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