?What happens in Atlantic City doesn?t stay in Atlantic City,? Balles says. ?I won?t be intimidated by Lorenzo Langford?

In the wake of another debate last night where Mayor Langford continues to claim that there is nothing wrong with his mismanagement of Atlantic City government, Senate candidate Frank Balles today called on Senator Jim Whelan to join Governor Christie and him in demanding greater involvement of state control in how Atlantic City is run.

?What happens in Atlantic City doesn?t stay in Atlantic City,? Balles said. ?It affects all of us in higher taxes and less jobs.

?When you have the City?s prime commercial ratable, the Borgata, decline in value by almost $1.5 billion forcing the Mayor to refund $50 million in taxes, coupled with a botched whistleblower case costing taxpayers $2.9 million, it?s clear that something is wrong in Atlantic City and it needs to change,? Balles said. ?Last July, the Press of Atlantic City reported lags in city code enforcement, leading to continued blight and eyesores. But still nothing happens — other than buying more Dodge Durangos against the express direction of the state monitor.

?The Mayor?s response is ?[we] must dispel the myth that there’s so much wasteful spending in Atlantic City. They watch everything we do from afar,? referring to state financial oversight,? said Balles. ?But the state?s current oversight is very limited and doesn?t go far enough. We need the Christie administration to step in and actually run the day-to-day operations in Atlantic City. If we continue down this current course with one arm tied behind our backs, our region will continue to suffer.

?Despite the clear need for new leadership in Atlantic City, our own Senator Jim Whelan refuses to take on his own party?s elected officials in his home town because he is more concerned with getting reelected,? said Balles. ?Whelan?s only response is that a state take-over won?t solve Atlantic City?s problems, yet he offers absolutely no solutions other than a failed boutique casino bill and calls for higher taxes so he can spend more of our money. It?s no wonder Senator Bill Gormley called Whelan a ?coward.?

?It?s time for new leadership and a Republican senator in Atlantic County who will work with Governor Christie, not against him.?


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