Balles Calls on Whelan to Support Governor Christie?s Tax Cut Proposal

Where?s Whelan in joining Democrat Senator
Van Drew to ease our families? tax burden?

Today, Republican Senate Candidate Frank X. Balles calls on Senator Jim Whelan to join his Democrat colleague, Senator Van Drew, in supporting Governor Christie?s property tax cut proposal.

Governor Christie?s property tax cut is a common sense proposal that will ease the tax burden on our families and encourage economic growth for our region. Yesterday, Senator Van Drew recognized the economic benefits in Christie?s plan as he announced his support (PolitickerNJ, April 16, 2013). With Senator Van Drew backing the plan, constituents in the 2nd Legislative District should be asking, ?Where?s Whelan??

?Governor Christie?s property tax proposal is a commonsense plan that will ease the tax burden on our hard working families, give them a little more room in their monthly budgets, and encourage economic growth,? Republican Senate candidate Frank X. Balles said. ?I fully support Governor Christie?s proposal and I call on Jim Whelan to make the right choice for New Jerseyans and join his Democrat and Republican colleagues in easing the tax burden on our hard working families instead of taxing the miles we drive and the bags we bring our groceries home in.?


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