The Atlantic County Republican Party delivered a clear message today when it comes to amending the state constitution to allow for casinos outside of Atlantic City: “North Jersey casinos must be stopped.  They are not inevitable.”


To underscore its point, Republicans are giving away free “STOP North Jersey Casinos!  Nothing is Inevitable” bumper stickers for anyone who will “like” the party’s Facebook page.


“With an oversaturation of gaming in the Northeast and the closure of several casinos in Atlantic City, now is the absolute worst time to even discuss the idea of more casinos in our state,” said Chairman Keith Davis.  “This year Massachusetts voters are going to consider repealing legalized gaming, but New Jersey is going to consider adding more gaming markets?  It’s pure lunacy and will only hurt the one viable gaming market we have, Atlantic City, killing state jobs and hurting state tax revenues.”


“We are tired of promises from politicians,” said Vice Chair Rosalie Baker.  “No promises of future subsidies for Atlantic City based upon rosy projections from casinos that don’t exist will make up for the jobs that would be lost here.  Discussing these empty promises only hurts Atlantic City’s ability to attract additional investment and potential buyers of the casinos that have recently closed.  And that hurts the entire State of New Jersey.”


“Every Republican elected official in Atlantic County is opposed to the idea of more gaming competition in New Jersey,” said Davis.  “It’s time for the Democrats to step up now and join us.  This should be a bipartisan effort to ensure that those working in Atlantic City’s casinos now are protected.  With a North Jersey casino, things here will only get worse.”


Those interested in receiving a bumper sticker can “like” the Atlantic County Republican Facebook page and send a direct message with their mailing address or send an email to

Stop North Jersey Casinos 9-5-14

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