Atlantic County Chairman Keith Davis today called on County Clerk Edward
McGettigan to establish operational protocols and streamline communications
with municipal clerks after a second mistake printing absentee ballots.

The first mistake was an error on absentee ballots in Buena Vista Township.
The ballots, which were mailed to voters, incorrectly omitted Mary Ann
Micheletti-Levari on the Republican ticket for Buena Vista Township Council.
McGettigan has admitted this was an error made by his office and the New
Jersey Superior Court issued a court order requiring McGettigan to
immediately fix the error so that voters are not disenfranchised.

The second error was discovered last week in Galloway Township. The
absentee ballots that were mailed to voters misspelled the name of Whitney
Ullman, Republican candidate for Township Council.

“With a second ballot printing error, it is becoming more and more clear
that Ed McGettigan needs to change the way he conducts his election-related
duties,” said Davis. “In the interest of ensuring fair and honest elections
in our county, McGettigan should immediately implement written operational
protocols for public inspection and open up communication with municipal
clerks to make sure there are no further sloppy mistakes on absentee
ballots. These mistakes by County Clerk Ed McGettigan must come to an end
and it’s his obligation as a constitutional officer to fix them.”


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