Atlantic County Republican Chairman Keith Davis today called on the Democrats running for Freeholder to explain why they would praise an organization which, according to the Press of Atlantic City, called property taxes a “pretty good method for raising needed money.”

?The Democrats ascribing to this report by the Tax Foundation which upholds the virtues of property taxes demonstrates further how far they are comfortably nestled in Camp Corzine,? said Davis. ?We have the highest property taxes in the nation because of Governor Jon Corzine?s failure to control them and because he actually cut property tax rebates after promising to increase them four years ago.?

?It is no wonder the Democrats running for Freeholder would sign on to a study that extols the benefits of property taxes. When you run with Jon Corzine, you have to be a cheerleader for higher property taxes.?

Source: Press of Atlantic City, September 27, 2009


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