Atlantic County GOP Launches “Meadowlands” Mazzeo Web Site and Facebook Page


Atlantic County, April 21, 2015 – Democrat Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo’s lack of leadership and his failure to take on the powerful special interests pushing for North Jersey casinos makes him the last person Atlantic County needs representing its middle-class families and seniors in the State Assembly, charged GOP Chairman Keith Davis.

When given an opportunity to stand up against special interests pushing for a North Jersey casino and support a bipartisan plan to stop them, “Meadowlands” Mazzeo refused, essentially saying he wasn’t going to waste his time said Davis, in announcing the site at and Facebook at

The Chairman took issue with Mazzeo’s refusal to sign and circulate a legislative directive authored by Republican Assemblyman Chris Brown designed to head off a statewide referendum in 2015 that could lead to North Jersey casino expansion.  Brown’s proposal would affirm the Legislature’s promise to allow Atlantic City to transition into a destination resort and stabilize the struggling local casino market.

“Assemblyman Brown’s idea was about as common sense as you could get,” said Chairman Davis.  “A referendum needs a majority vote in both the Democratic State Senate and Democratic State Assembly before it can be placed on the ballot before voters – that’s 41 votes in the State Assembly.

“Chris Brown secured a majority of the Republican caucus in support of the measure.  All Vince Mazzeo had to do was to get 17 of his 48 Democrat friends to sign on and stop North Jersey casinos.  Not only did he fail, worse, he didn’t even try.  If that doesn’t demonstrate Mazzeo’s lack of leadership then I don’t know what does.  ‘Meadowlands’ Mazzeo let everyone in Atlantic County down, because he didn’t have the guts to stand up to his party bosses in Trenton.  That’s a disgrace and the voters of Atlantic County need to know.

“While Mazzeo continues to blame the Governor for his own failures in the Legislature, he fails to note that the Governor has absolutely no role in the referendum process that would lead to North Jersey casinos.”

Davis said the Meadowlands Mazzeo web site is intended to be interactive and somewhat humorous, but said the results of Mazzeo’s refusal to act and failure to lead were anything but funny.  Davis said North Jersey casinos could have devastating consequences for Atlantic County’s economy and its property taxpayers, including the loss of another 3,800 jobs and millions of dollars siphoned away from vital programs for senior citizens.

“When pressed on what he thought of the fight to stop casino expansion to North Jersey, Mazzeo said he was ‘over it’ and that if it happened this year or next on his watch, then ‘so be it’,” said Chairman Davis.  “Who talks that way?  No Republican or Democrat representing our region has ever been so weak and tone deaf.  Mazzeo sounds like someone waving the white flag and giving in to the party bosses and special interests who control him and pull his strings.  Here in Atlantic County we deserve better than that.  We deserve better than ‘Meadowlands’ Mazzeo.”

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