Atlantic County Republican Chairman Keith Davis announced today that the party?s website — — has launched a countdown clock to the deadline for the Democrat State Legislature and Governor to enact a state budget.

?I fear the only way to get these Democrats to act is to shame them into it,? Davis said. ?First, the Democrats said they would have a spending plan in place by early June. Then it was by June 16. Now its June 19. The date keeps moving further and further back to the point where we are getting dangerously close to another disastrous government closure.

?In Atlantic County we remember all to well when the Governor Corzine, then Assemblymen Whelan and Van Drew and their colleagues in the legislature failed to exercise their constitutional obligation to enact a state budget on time in the summer of 2006,? Davis recalled. ?What happened? 37,000 casino workers were thrown off the job and the gaming industry was shut down in the midst of Fourth of July weekend. It was a complete embarrassment that received national headlines — not the kind of attention we needed.?

?This was government at its most incompetent and it may very well happen again this year,? said Davis.

?South Jersey?s two Democrat Senators ? Jim Whelan and Jeff Van Drew ? have had two years since that time to author and enact into law measures which would prevent another casino shutdown in the event that the budget is not adopted on time again,? said Davis. ?But they have done nothing legislatively to protect the casino industry that our regional economy depends upon in the event of another government shutdown.?

?So we Republicans are sending a clear message to the Governor and Senators Whelan and Van Drew that they?d better get their act together this year and get this budget done on time,? Davis said. ?That?s what they were elected to do.?


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