Atlantic County Chairman Keith Davis today called on County Clerk Edward McGettigan to take down a radio advertisement promoting absentee voting until he corrects an error on absentee ballots in Buena Vista Township. The ballots, which have already been mailed to voters, incorrectly omit Mary Ann Micheletti-Levari on the Republican ticket for Buena Vista Township Council. She is running with Henry Coia. McGettigan has admitted this was an error made by his office. The New Jersey Superior Court issued a court order today requiring McGettigan to immediately fix the error so that voters are not disenfranchised.

?This is either another example of gross incompetency in the County Clerk?s office or it reeks of more of the same politicization of the Clerk?s office we have seen for the past several years,? said Davis. ?This is the first time in 10 years that two Republican candidates, Micheletti-Levari and Coia, are poised to topple the political machine of Democratic Mayor Chuck Chiarello and coincidentally there?s an obvious and glaring error on absentee ballots that are mailed to Buena Vista Township. Something is not right here.?

?Is it any wonder that officials on behalf of the Attorney General were crawling around McGettigan?s Office during last June?s primary election because of concerns about the Callaway political machine stealing votes?? asked Davis. ?Atlantic County deserves a Clerk that can guarantee clean and fair elections and this is yet another example of how we aren?t getting that from Ed McGettigan.?

?What?s worse is that we now have Ed McGettigan on the radio saying that people should request absentee ballots and mail them back right away,? said Davis. ?Maybe McGettigan should concentrate on doing his job to make sure absentee ballots are printed correctly before he urges people to ?vote by mail?,? Davis said. ?He should immediately pull down the radio ad he is now running until this debacle is fixed and voters receive the correct ballots in Buena Vista Township. Otherwise there may be continued confusion as a result of McGettigan?s ad.?


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