Assemblyman Bramnick Chairs Policy Committee Meeting in Atlantic City at 3 PM Today with District 2 Leaders and Business Community

Assemblyman Jon Bramnick, chairman of the Republican Policy Committee, will join with Assemblymen John Amodeo and Vince Polistina today to hear from average business people in South Jersey.

Bramnick, who is also the Republican Whip, said the input from the business community is vital in developing new and innovative policies to assist small business owners. The policy committee has been gathering comments from business leaders throughout the state. A few weeks ago the committee convened a roundtable with business leaders in Trenton.

?We invited key people to get into the same room to work on ideas,? Amodeo said. ?We are at a critical point in time for the casino industry and our region. The choices we make now, in the middle of this recession, can make or break our economic future. Any idea based on moving everyone forward is a good one.?

?We are in the same boat, regardless of any specific affiliation, background, or title,? said Polistina. ?Everyone walking into that room knows that we have a shared fate, so it?s no question that we have to paddle in the same direction. We are going to talk about what direction we need to take.?

The assemblymen emphasized they are trying to foster frank and open discussions on how to position Atlantic City to grow and prosper. ?We have to keep focused on policy and not politics,? said Amodeo. ?We are looking at the content of ideas, not the source, and Jon has the right touch to help everyone focus on the substantive issues.?

?Whether it?s legislation, regulation, or simple coordination, we will explore any means that will produce solutions and results,? said Polistina. ?Gaming in Atlantic City is too important to fail for our region and the state.?


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