Assemblyman Amodeo Re-Affirms His Commitment to Organized Labor and Working Families

Assemblyman Amodeo Re-Affirms His Commitment to Organized Labor and Working Families

The loss of the AFL-CIO endorsement is over one bi-partisan vote

Margate, NJ – District 2 Assemblyman John Amodeo today defended his vote to stabilize New Jersey?s pension and health benefit funds and said the loss of the AFL-CIO endorsement would not affect his well established support for the union and its members.

?I joined with Senate President Steve Sweeney and others in the legislature and voted for a bi-partisan package of broad reforms that will protect the financial health of New Jersey and save state and local governments over $120 billion,? said John Amodeo.

?This legislation was absolutely necessary given the rampant abuse of previous governors and legislators who failed to put money into the pension and health system and drove them to the point of insolvency for their own political agenda.?

Amodeo is a member of the Operating Engineers and understands the financial struggles facing today?s working families and has a proven track record of providing support for union households and the working people of Atlantic County.

?Throughout my tenure in the NJ State Assembly I have worked to ensure labor?s interests are well represented in the legislature,? stated Amodeo. ?As a Republican I know as much as anyone how unusual it is for me to have received the AFL-CIO?s endorsement in the past and I?ve always been extremely grateful to be given that honor and worked to make sure that the distinction was well earned.?

In the past few years Assemblyman Amodeo has been instrumental in the development of the A.C. Tourism District and Revel Casino.

?I?ve worked with the Governor and legislature to develop the necessary tools to revive the casino industry and created legislation to advance and attract small businesses to the region. We?ve come a long way and now seem to be pulling together in the same direction – the loss of AFL-CIO endorsement won?t change that,? said Amodeo.

Other labor groups were particularly vocal in their support for Amodeo. William T. Mullen, president of the 150,000-member building trades council was steadfast in his support and refused to use the one vote as a basis to dismiss and discredit Amodeo?s lifelong commitment to organized labor.

?Assemblyman John Amodeo has proven that he is one of the best advocates for all workers in New Jersey,” Mullen said. “He has earned and will continue to receive our council?s wholehearted support,? said Mullen.

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