Assembly Republican Leader Alex DeCroce today announced that every member of the Assembly Republican caucus has signed a pledge to oppose Governor Jon Corzine?s massive toll hike and borrowing proposal in the Legislature.

?The decision of every member of my caucus to sign this pledge sends a clear message that Republicans in the Assembly will not support the Corzine plan should it come up for a vote,? said DeCroce, R-Morris and Passaic. ?We have listened to what the Governor has had to say and we do not believe that his plan to hike tolls and borrow $40 billion is a fiscally responsible course of action.?

The pledge, signed by 32 Assembly Republicans, states that ?We, as members of the Assembly Republican Caucus stand united with the people of New Jersey against your plan to increase tolls 800% and borrow nearly $40 billion. Our signatures on this petition are to inform you that every member of the Assembly Republican Caucus will vote to oppose your toll hike and borrowing plan and to ask that you listen to what the people of New Jersey want. Cut spending and end government waste!?

?In each of the last two budget years we have proposed significant spending cuts and we intend to do so again this year,? DeCroce said. ?Reducing wasteful government spending and developing a long-range fiscally responsible approach to state budgeting are the proper ways to solve our fiscal problems. Not all of these problems have to be solved in one-shot, but by cutting spending we will set the state on the right course for getting these problems under control in the years to come.?

A copy of the signed pledge is attached. Click HERE


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