Asselta ? Clark ? Donohue Protest Proposed Cuts to Tourism Funding

April 14, 2007

1st District Senator Nick Asselta and Assembly candidates R. Norris Clark and Michael Donohue call on the Mayors of 1st District municipalities to join them in protesting proposed cuts to state funding to promote the region?s tourist industry.

Asselta, Clark and Donohue have sent letters to Mayors of each of the district?s municipalities urging them to adopt a Resolution against reducing tourism funding.

?I have been fighting for years to ensure that our district?s most important industry is properly funded,? Senator Asselta says. ?This funding comes from occupancy taxes that small business owners collect. It must come back to support our region?s largest revenue producer and job creator.”

?Tourism generates $37 billion in annual revenue and supports over 500,000 jobs,? says Assembly candidate Clark. ?If we don?t support this industry, we risk crippling our region?s economy and hurting thousands of small businesses and families.?

?This is just one more example of how Trenton just doesn?t get it. The tourist trade is the lifeblood of our district,? Assembly candidate Donohue says. ?Cutting support for destination marketing threatens the entire economy of our area. We must stop this reckless attack on our most important industry.?

The Republican ticket plans a series of public protests against any reduction in support of the tourist industry.

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