Aponte Hits Cooper on Position Shifts

Republican Freeholder at large candidate Manny Aponte today charged his opponent, Democrat Alisa Cooper, with ?practicing weather vane politics of the worst sort? by her constant shifts of position on a proposed $40 million bond issue to expand facilities at ACIT.

?We know where she stood two weeks ago; we know where she stood a week ago, and we know where she stands today and they are all at odds with one another,? Aponte said. ?My position has been clear and consistent from the outset — I support the proposed expansion and I support putting the issue to the voters and taxpayers of Atlantic County in a referendum.?

Aponte said ?Cooper initially supported the referendum, changed her position at the behest of organized labor in a transparent attempt to secure support for her campaign, and has now changed her position yet again in an equally transparent effort to convince voters she?s on their side,? Aponte said. ?If there was a third side to this issue, we can rest assured Cooper would embrace that as well.?

Aponte said the taxpayers of Atlantic County expect and deserve better from their elected officials.

?Freeholders are elected to do what is best for the people,? Aponte said. ?Cooper has turned that concept on its head and wants to do what she decides is best for her no matter how embarrassingly inconsistent that happens to be.?

The Republican candidate said that differences of opinion on public policy issues and how best to address them are common and each Freeholder has the right to express him or herself.

?Addressing those differences by pandering to private interests in the expectation of future favors, however, is wrong. But, that?s what Cooper has done,? Aponte said.

?In return for their tax dollars, the citizens of Atlantic County deserve responsible and honest government,? he said. ?A cold and calculating politician like Cooper falls far short of that.?


Paid for by Aponte for Freeholder, Marc Nehmad, Treasurer

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