Egg Harbor Township, NJ ? A recent poll showing a strong lead for Republican Assemblyman John Amodeo and his running mate, small businessman Chris Brown, is an indication that voters in the 2nd District are rejecting the Trenton Democrats? tax, spend and job-killing policies that have killed 156,000 jobs last decade.

?People are frustrated with Trenton polices that have taxed and spent their jobs into elimination,? Amodeo said. ?They know that Vince, Chris and I will continue to oppose tax increases and fight to lower the costs on people and businesses, so we can grow our economy and create jobs.?

?Republican policies helped created 50,000 private-sector jobs over the last two years and voters want us to keep moving in that direction,? Amodeo added.

The Richard Stockton College/Zogby Poll commissioned by the William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy showed Amodeo and Brown had increased their lead to more than 17 points over their Democrat opponents.

?I?m grateful for the people?s endorsement of our fiscally conservative policies,? Brown said. ?We have a long way to go, and we will continue to remind people that we represent economic growth and job creation through lower taxes, less spending and smaller, smarter government.?

?That approach has already begun to create jobs in New Jersey, while the Democrats previous tax-hiking policies destroyed our state?s job market,? Brown added.

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