Amodeo & Polistina introduce bills to raise casino regulation standards

NORTHFIELD ? Assemblymen John Amodeo and Vince Polistina yesterday introduced three bills directed at strengthening the ethical standards of the Casino Control Commission and the casino industry.

Respectively, the bills will:

* Prohibit Casino Control Commission employees and members from performing casino internal control functions during casino conservatorship period (A-1901);

* Extend casino employment and post employment restrictions to employees and members of State Police assigned to Division of Gaming Enforcement and the Casino Control Commission (A-1899); and

* Reinstate the prohibition against representation of casino licensees and applicants by legal and other professional service entities associated with certain former public officers and employees (A-1898).

In addition to these bills, Amodeo and Polistina had previously introduced A-509 which addresses qualifications and compensation of casino conservators and persons providing services under conservatorship.

?The bottom line is we have to do a better job as a State in overseeing the gaming industry,? Amodeo said. ?Many of the decisions made by the CCC on the Tropicana were simply wrong and put the State in an ethically murky situation. It?s a shame we have to legislate common sense, but the CCC doesn?t appear to be using any.?

?You shouldn?t compromise ethical standards for political patronage,? Polistina said, referring to former Governor Jon Corzine?s enactment of a law making it easier for politically connected firms to do work for casino licensees.

Both assemblymen emphasized that a sound regulatory system is a key to further economic development of the industry in Atlantic City.

?The casino industry can only thrive when the regulatory process is fair and predictable. When regulators begin compromising their standards and the regulatory process becomes political, the industry won?t invest any more money into Atlantic City,? Polistina said.

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