Saying that the Atlantic County region cannot accept ?less than perfect? when it comes to revitalizing the casino industry, Assemblymen Amodeo and Polistina today said that they are continuing their efforts to amend the Atlantic City Tourism District and casino regulation bills.

?Senator Whelan and our colleagues from North Jersey may feel content and satisfied with the legislation as it currently is, but we aren?t,? Amodeo said. ?There?s too much at stake and too many people in Atlantic County who rely on casinos for their jobs. The Legislature and Governor have to get this thing right, not almost right.”

?We represent this district, the thousands of employees, and the hundreds of local businesses who rely on a thriving casino industry. It is our job, our obligation to pass the a bill as close to perfection as we can,? Polistina said.

Amodeo and Polistina?s approach to legislation is in stark contrast to Senator Whelan, who pushed for passage of these bills in State Senate despite publicly admitting that ?these bills are far from perfect.?

?These bills should have never gotten out of the Senate in this condition,? Amodeo said. ?It?s as if Senator Whelan waived a white flag and gave up on the bills.?

?John and I are not giving up. These bills need more changes or else we will miss our best opportunity to revitalize the industry,? said Polistina, who listed the subsidies for horse racing industry, the law enforcement responsibilities, and the lack of defined district boundaries as some of the items in the bills that need amending.

Moreover, the assemblymen said the current legislation veers far from building the partnerships, everyone, except the Senate Democrats, believe is necessary for insuring the tourism district?s success. Amodeo and Polistina believe that reconstituting, reorganizing, and reforming the CRDA, including eliminating authority members? salaries and health and pension benefits, is the best way to achieve that goal.


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