?While Democrats are congratulating themselves on mailing homestead rebate checks this week, recipients should be aware that $10 million of their tax money was spent on printing and mailing individual checks when reimbursing municipalities directly for any reductions would have saved the cost,? Atlantic County Republican Assembly candidates Vince Polistina and John Amodeo said today.

?Rather than producing and mailing more than 1.7 million checks, the state could have — and should have — calculated the rebates for each community and reimbursed local governments for the cuts,? they said. ?Mailing 566 checks, one to each municipal government, makes ultimate economic and taxpayer-friendly sense.?

?In addition to covering up the cost of the mailing, the Democrats in control in Trenton don?t want taxpayers to know just how flimsy the entire scheme is,? Polistina and Amodeo said.

The Republicans cited a newspaper study which showed that the average rebate totals $1,051 against an average property tax bill of $6,170. However, according to the study, if property taxes continue to increase at the rate of six per cent, the average tax bill will increase by $370, making the rebate worth $681. Moreover, the increase in the state sales tax which funds the rebate program is estimated to cost an average family $253 a year, effectively reducing the rebate to $428.

?The Democrats are patting themselves on the back for what amounts to a $428 check to New Jersey homeowners,? they said. ?That comes out to about $8 a week — enough to buy less than three gallons of gas.?

?On top of that, there is the admission by the Governor that there is no guarantee that sufficient funds will be available next year to support any rebate program,? the Republicans said.

?To sum up, taxpayers spend $10 million to get back a portion of the money they sent to Trenton in the first place; receive, after expenses, a sum equal to $428; then are told that next year they might not even get that,? Polistina and Amodeo said. ?Only in a Democrat-controlled government would such a Rube Goldberg scheme be touted as meaningful relief.?

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