June 21, 2007

Reformers say Trenton Democrats are ignoring suburban school districts, middle class taxpayers & seniors

GOP Assembly candidates John Amodeo and Vince Polistina continued their critique of the proposed State Budget by calling for Democrat legislative leaders to consider a plan by the Assembly Republican caucus that cuts $1.5 billion in wasteful spending, increases property tax relief and aids school districts facing rapid enrollment increases.

?The arrogance of Trenton Democrats is astounding,? said Amodeo. ?New Jersey taxpayers are sick and tired of bloated, wasteful budget being shoved down our throats. Why in the world are Democrats ignoring a serious proposal to cut spending, increase property tax relief and help growing school districts that have been ignored for the past five years??

Under the Republican plan, $1 billion in additional property tax relief funding would be combined with existing property tax relief programs to give seniors and middle-class families a 30 percent reduction and remaining taxpayers a 20 percent reduction. Furthermore, school districts like Egg Harbor Twp. ($2.08 million), Galloway ($1.07 million) and Hamilton ($842,000) would receive additional funding on top of the currently proposed 3 percent increase, to ease the burden on property taxpayers.

?All the Trenton Democrats know how to do is spend more of our money, and then create new taxes on us to pay for their excesses,? said Polistina. ?The mere fact that they dismissed the Republican plan out-of-hand is just another reason we need change in Trenton?now!?


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