Assemblyman John Amodeo is sponsoring a budget resolution to restore $7.5 million dollars for women?s health care services.

?For too many women and their children the only health care they get is through clinics that rely on this money,? Amodeo said. ?Last year, the state did not have the money. But with revenues growing better than expected, we have an obligation to set aside a very small portion of that money for these invaluable services.?

Amodeo pointed out the appropriation only amounts to less than two percent of the $500 million increase over the anticipated revenue. Moreover, Amodeo stressed how this money can help the state save money in the long run.

?The reality is that if a woman can?t get care at a clinic, she will go to an emergency room where the cost for treatment through charity care is much higher,? Amodeo said. ?It makes much more sense medically and financially to provide blood pressure screening, cancer screening, and pre- and post-natal care than to wait for complications and emergencies to develop.?

?We have to remember that for many women and their children a clinic is the only place they will ever see a doctor, a nurse, a physicians assistant, or a nurse practitioner,? Amodeo said. ?This money will guarantee access to proper health care for women who can least afford it.?

The Legislature will consider the budget resolution when it considers the Fiscal Year 2012 Budget. The resolution allots $6.2 million for Federally Qualified Health Centers and $1.3 million for New Jersey Cancer Education and Early Detection. The resolution does not allot any funds to Planned Parenthood.

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