John Amodeo, candidate for the General Assembly in the Second Legislative District, received the ?grand slam? of union endorsements when the New Jersey AFL-CIO (comprised of both blue collar and white collar union members), the New Jersey State Building and Construction Trades Council, and the Atlantic County Building and Construction Trades Council. Each organization gave Amodeo its unanimous endorsement.

?A job is the best social program we can create,? said Amodeo. ?A job provides economic security and personal dignity. As a member of the General Assembly, I will make job creation, job security, and job quality my priority.?

Amodeo said he was humbled by the unanimous endorsements from these unions and pointed out the endorsements? reach goes beyond union membership.

?Of course, I am very happy to have the active backing of the union membership and their families, because they make the difference in elections,? said Amodeo. ?The so-called labor issues like better health care, secure retirement, and fair wages benefit every working person in New Jersey. These endorsements highlight me as a candidate who can help families have better lives and careers in the Second District.?

If he is elected to the General Assembly, Amodeo said he would keep a close eye on state policy and legislation which may adversely affect the area?s largest industry.

?There will be no repeat of last year?s casino shutdown if I have anything to do with it,? said Amodeo. ?Too many families who work in, work for, and work by the casinos depend on the state to keep them open. You should never mess with a person?s job.

?These early and enthusiastic endorsements just add to the momentum of my campaign and I know their backing will be extremely helpful in the fall,? said Amodeo.


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