Amodeo: CRDA money for local jobs

Assemblyman John Amodeo today said that the latest casino employment report from the Casino Control Commission reinforces the need for CRDA money to stay local.

?Atlantic City?s casinos employ 24,349 Atlantic County residents living outside of the city. One out of every five persons living in this county works at a casino,? Amodeo said. ?Those figures obviously do not include the thousands of other jobs generated by the casinos through construction projects and local businesses which service the casinos.?

Amodeo explained these numbers re-enforce the need for CRDA money to be used in Atlantic City to help revitalize the resort.

?The casinos create jobs for families to buy homes in the county, raise their kids in the county, and spend their money in the county,? Amodeo said. ?We are entering into a new era for development in Atlantic City and the old rules have to be changed. We can no longer afford to use CRDA money to build dorms at private schools in North Jersey.?

Amodeo recently called on the CRDA to stop accepting new grant applications from entities around the state, because he felt that there would be a dollar grab if legislators in other parts of the state felt the CRDA would no longer fund their pet projects.

?Any projects in CRDA?s pipeline, like the Aviation Technology and Research Park, should be funded,? Amodeo said. ?But moving forward, the CRDA needs to focus its resources on making sure our casino industry grows and continues to put people to work.”

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