Amodeo Continues on Transportation and Joins Regulatory Oversight And Gaming

Brown Assigned to Tourism and Consumer Affairs

Assemblyman John Amodeo (LD-2) today announced that he will continue to serve on the Assembly Transportation, Public Works & Independent Authorities Committee. Amodeo has also been elected to the Assembly Regulatory Oversight and Gaming Committee for the 2012-2013 Legislative Session.

?A thriving Atlantic City and an efficient transportation network are essential to New Jersey?s economic vitality,? said Amodeo. ?I look forward to working with Governor Christie and my colleagues to completing the Revel casino, streamlining casino regulations, and building a transportation system that will put South Jersey?s economy on the move, creating jobs and economic opportunity for thousand of residents.?

The Assembly Regulatory Oversight and Gaming Committee has jurisdiction over matters related to reducing governmental bureaucracy or “red tape” and affecting the state’s casinos and horse racing industries. The panel also works to ensure that the Executive Branch implements laws as intended by the Legislature. The Transportation, Public Works and Independent Authorities Committee is responsible for monitoring all segments of state transportation, including bridge and highway construction, motor vehicle inspections, expansion of light-rail train systems, and management of the toll road authorities.

Newly sworn in Assemblyman Chris Brown (LD-2) also announced his committee assignments on the Assembly Tourism and Arts Committee and the Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee.

?I am very pleased that as a freshman legislator I was able to work my way onto the Tourism and Arts Committee because of how important it is to our region,? Brown said. ?I look forward to working on the committee to grow our state?s 2nd largest industry ? tourism.? Brown also noted that for every 180 visitors to New Jersey, a new job is created. ?Each of these panels deal with issues that are of paramount importance to our community and our state as a whole.?

The Assembly Tourism and the Arts Committee is responsible for overseeing legislation regarding state tourism, including cultural, historical, heritage, and agricultural places of interest, and state arts programs, which include museums and the performing arts. The Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee is charged with protecting consumer rights in New Jersey, particularly issues such as safeguarding against identity theft, restricting telemarketing, and protecting cell phone and calling card consumers against fraud.


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