With Governor Corzine?s comments that the state will not restore $75 million in school aid even if pension deferral legislation is not approved, Assemblymen John Amodeo, R-Atlantic, and Vincent Polistina, R-Atlantic, both assailed the remarks as a threat not only to those in the Legislature, but upon taxpayers as well.

?While the governor?s cut in aid will affect all schools and impact property taxpayers, his threat will be particularly harmful to those living in rural communities that have minimal ratables,? stated Polistina. ?By definition these communities have small population bases, and little commercial development.

?The governor?s scheme will devastate these taxpayers who are struggling to make ends meet. This is political extortion that will have far-reaching consequences on children and taxpayers. When will we hear about real spending cuts to the state?s bloated budget??

The pension deferral bill was held in the Senate when three senators from South Jersey joined with 17 Republicans in opposing the proposal. The Assembly has yet to take up the bill.

?The governor will be pulling the rug out from school administrators who already budgeted for state aid, based on a formula developed by his administration,? commented Amodeo. ?The ultimate losers in this plot are the children and taxpayers. The reality is that today?s youth will suffer immediately from the reduced aid, and then years from now potentially have to pay the enormous bill if pension deferrals are granted. That is a harsh lesson.?


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