Assembly Republican members John Amodeo and Vince Polistina, R-Atlantic, issued the statements below today following Gov. Christie?s announcement that the historic public employee pension and health benefits reform he signed into law in June will save property taxpayers and local governments up to $267 million in Fiscal Year 2012:


?This is tremendous news for our taxpayers and our state as a whole. The savings we will realize this year alone shows why reforming our pension and health benefits system was so crucial to our efforts to get property tax rates under control. As we continue to bring costs under control, our economy will continue to grow, resulting in the creation of jobs.?


?Gov. Christie and Republicans fought so hard for this bold reform because we knew it would help ease the burden on local budgets which in turn would provide significant property tax relief for our taxpayers. It?s another piece of the fiscal puzzle that will keep our economy on track towards recovery.?

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