Democrat Assembly Speaker Joe Roberts has appointed Republican Assemblyman John Amodeo to the New Jersey Tourism Policy Council and Republican Assemblyman Vince Polistina to the Casino Revenue Fund Advisory Commission. Amodeo and Polistina welcomed their appointments as an opportunity to make the state use taxpayer funds more wisely.

?We have to constantly tell the rest of the world through advertising and promotion how great it is to vacation at the Jersey Shore,? said Amodeo. ?With the growing competition from other states, the Tourism Policy Council should make sure New Jersey prudently and strategically focuses its financial resources to attract the most visitors. To put the Council?s mission in perspective: without the revenue generated by our $27 billion tourism industry, each New Jersey household would have to pay an additional $1,400 in taxes. So, we have to be very smart on how the state spends its advertising dollars.?

?It is no secret the state needs to learn how to stretch the taxpayers? dollar,? said Polistina. ?The Casino Revenue Fund was created to support programs like PAAD and Meals on Wheels. But as those programs grow, the Advisory Commission has to generate some creative ideas to maximize every penny coming from the Casino Revenue Fund, so we don?t have to raise other taxes to pay for those programs.?

The New Jersey Tourism Council is responsible for developing a strategy for tourism promotion across the state; providing guidance to the regional tourism councils; encouraging the development of marketing plans; ensuring the quality of promotional campaigns; and overseeing the Cooperative Marketing Agreement.

The Casino Revenue Fund Advisory Commission reviews programs, most notably the Pharmaceutical Aid to the Aged and Disabled (PAAD) program, funded by the Casino Revenue Fund (CRF) and makes recommendations to the Legislature.


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