American Clean Energy & Security Act

Please take a look at the information from Congressman LoBiondo on the ?American Clean Energy and Security Act.?


? For too long we have simply talked about energy independence without actually doing something proactive to achieve it. From the energy crisis of the 1970s that saw the rationing of gas and a greater reliance on foreign oil, to failing to employ higher fuel efficient standards in the 1990s-standards I supported-which could have cut our consumption and costs in half now?we have a history of inaction in this country on a national energy policy.

? Past generations have kicked this issue down the road, landing it upon the present generation all the while making us further energy DEPENDENT on foreign nations. Additionally, we continue to subsidize the oil industry even when gas hit $5.00 per gallon last summer. When does the cycle end?!

? The ?American Clean Energy and Security Act? is the opportunity to break the cycle of inaction and finally move our nation towards real energy independence.

? In fact, the legislation-combined with new fuel efficiency and biofuel standards enacted in 2007 that I strongly supported-will cut the use of foreign oil by more than 5 million barrels a day in 2030. This as much oil as we currently import from the Middle East and Venezuela. (Source: EPA analysis of bill as reported from committee).

? While we are defending our homeland and our troops are engaged on the War on Terrorism abroad, we are sending billions of dollars each day to purchase foreign oil from countries that are not our allies. We could be spending that money on U.S. companies here at home, on jobs that are in the domestic production and renewable energy fields, and reaping those benefits.


? HR2454 builds on what has worked successfully in the past-this is precisely how the government successfully dealt with acid rain, back in the late 1980?s. As a result of the government?s actions-companies that invested money to clean up their acid rain pollution more than recouped their financial outlay by selling unused allowances to dirtier, slower to change competitors, and entrepreneurs quickly developed cleanup technologies-all

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