ACRC calls on Alisa Cooper to keep her word

The Atlantic County Republican Committee today announced the release of a radio advertisement condemning the lack of candor, repetitive untruthfulness and reckless behavior of Alisa Cooper as a public official.

“Before Alisa Cooper can discuss the issues, she needs to demonstrate that she has the integrity and honesty to serve in the General Assembly,” said Atlantic County Republican Chairman Keith Davis. “Alisa Cooper’s record demonstrates she has neither.

“Everyone remembers Alisa Cooper’s bizarre behavior on the Freeholder Board when she made outlandish accusations about incompetence and theft by Atlantic County employees,” said Davis. “When she said she had evidence in the trunk of her car, she then made the preposterous assertion that it was in the trunk of her other car. We haven’t heard anything since.

The Press of Atlantic City likened Alisa Cooper’s allegations to McCarthyism, calling her charges “overheated, empty rhetoric”. Alisa said she would be the first to admit she made a mistake, but she never did.

Fast forward to 2011, Alisa Cooper has trumpeted her membership on the State Council for the Arts — an agency that has been beleaguered by no-show jobs and out-of-control spending.

When the facts concerning the Council for the Arts came out, we asked Alisa Cooper to release all records concerning her participation in the wasteful and out-of-control spending decisions she made on the Council,” said Davis. “Even Senator Jim Whelan agreed with me that Alisa Cooper should release her records immediately, but she has refused to do so, stonewalling the public which has a right to know what Alisa did and how much it has cost them.”

Now the executive director of the Council for the Arts is leaving his position under fire for mismanagement and giving free tickets away to members. But Alisa Cooper has still not told us of her role in this fiasco.

“It is time for Alisa Cooper to come clean with the public and admit to her role in the decisions that were made on the Council for the Arts,” said Davis. “And this time she’d better not say they’re in the trunk of her car.”

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