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Atlantic County Freeholder Candidates Formica | Kern | Bertino #ServingAtlanticCounty

Standing up for Atlantic County

The Atlantic County Republican Committee is the organizational representative body for our party.

Our goal is to continue to build a strong and unified party from the grassroots level up and to elect municipal, county and state candidates who will apply our party’s principles and philosophy to governing.

We are moving aggressively to take advantage of advances in technology to reach out to people and welcome them into our party to support and assist us in any way they can. This newly-inaugurated website is a major step in carrying out that mission.

A political party derives its strength and vitality from its base and the broader that base is the stronger and more vital the party becomes. We value a diversity of thought and opinion because out of the free and honest exchange of ideas comes innovation and results.

In the coming months, it is our hope to expand the party, to attract new members, and to spread the message to the citizens and taxpayers of Atlantic County that Republican government is there to serve their best interests, not private or personal interest.

We will utilize this website to keep all of you up to date and informed about issues of concern and where we stand as a party on those issues.

We look forward to working with you and hearing from you so that together we can make Atlantic County a better place to live.

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Atlantic County Republican Headquarters

PO Box 484
Linwood, NJ 08221
Phone 609.677.0707
Fax 609.677.1905
Chairman Keith A. Davis
Vice-Chairwoman Rosalie Baker
Secretary Terry Lucarelli
Treasurer Michael A. Goloff, CPA